The Thread — behind the scenes part 1

I was able to be one of the MUAs for the shoot (you can kind of see me in some of the photos—yay!)

So for the makeup we had a $200 budget. Yes, that may sound like a lot…but when you’re thinking about setting up a makeup kit for an entire magazine, including various models of all colors, it’s. not. much. at. all. 

However, we were able to make do with a few basic pieces that worked pretty well. The most costly item on the list was the foundation—which we just CANNOT do without. A flawless canvas is KEY.

After hours and hours AND HOURS of research, I came up with what’s so far, a pretty useful kit. 

thread magazine makeup kit {my favorites}

Graftobian Foundation Palette —GREAT, hi-def theater makeup that’s very thick and covers A LOT. Great for photography, not so great for every-day wear. It came in various shades and was like painting—but on a person! I used it on 2 models with 2 very different skin types, and it looked flawless. click here to get it

10 color blush palette by BH Cosmetics —Bang for the buck! Only around $11, I was pretty afraid that it wouldn’t be pigmented at all…but thank god I was wrong! The colors were great and showed up on dark skin. click here to get it

Real Techniques Makeup brushes—MY FAVORITE. These brushes were AMAZING & they were SO CHEAP. After hours of scouring the web for some great deal on makeup brushes (because we all know how expensive they are), I decided on these—and it was a great decision. Next time I ever need to get new brushes, I’m staying away from the MAC and just getting these bad boys. Literally the best! click here to get them

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